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Since 2003

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Sell your home and rent it back.

SpeedySales are a sub company of Bluapple Properties Ltd who are affiliated with Repossession Angels. We can purchase your home and rent it back to you enabling you to pay off your debts and stay in your home whilst giving money back to you to spend.

Your local Speedy Sales/Repossession Angels contact can provide help and advice if you are facing the threat of repossession. We can buy your property very quickly resulting in resolving your situation within a few weeks, without any of the worry or hassle of using an estate agent.

There are no hidden costs or valuation fees to pay, and we will even pay your legal fees.

If you have already been repossessed then we may even be able to get you back in your home!


Letting Agent - Short Let


We have a staff of two in the office but a team of agents across the UK.


Landlords Association

Area of Business

National - England, Wales and Scotland.

We can usually view your property and make an offer within 24 hours.


No fees, no hassle. We provide a smooth worry free service.