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Did you know I have a great product your company needs, I sell office furniture and paper?

Thanks for the thought but here at Fubra we work in a lovely office and have all the desks we need. We are also trying to get rid of all paper in the office, so if you sell either of these products or anything else that upon reflection you think we may not be really interested in, then please consider this first before you contact us.

Do you know you have a spelling mistake/problem with your site?

No we didn’t, we try our best to ensure that all the information on the site is totally correct and up to date but we realise that we may sometimes fall short of this goal. Your help in pointing out any errors so that we can improve the site is really appreciated so please use our contact form to let us know about the problem. We will try and fix it as soon as possible and don’t forget to leave an address as we have been known to send out free gifts to people who help us out as a thank you.

I am a journalist and feel PropertyHeads would make a great story for my paper/magazine/TV show/Radio show or web site, how do I contact you for an interview?

You can email us via our contact form.

I am a job agency I have this great person who is just right for PropertyHeads, can I send you a CV?

We don’t want to sound like we have too much against job agencies because we know how hard telesales/marketing in that or any area is. However; our company is a small one and whilst you might be correct that the person is a great fit, we prefer our potential staff to find us; research our company; learn about us; and then contact us rather than all the groundwork being done for them. This is our company policy and this is business after all so please don’t contact us for this reason.

Can I get a job at PropertyHeads?

It could be a possibility but we can’t ever be sure until you get in touch so please feel free to get in touch.

What about a partnership? I have a great product/service and think we may be able to work well together?

In that case let us know about it. We are fairly focused on the Property, Motor and Travel markets in terms of our company direction so please bear that in mind before contacting us, however as you can see we are enthusiastic about exciting new ideas and may consider anything challenging that would help our visitors.

What’s PropertyHeads’s agenda with developing these types of sites; are there any sinister motives yet to be revealed?

PropertyHeads’s main aim is to please you, the visitor to our site. The way we see it is that if you like our site you will keep coming back as well as spreading the good news to your friends. If you like it a lot you will also visit our other sites and tell your friends about them too.

This is why we don’t feel the need to continually put flashing adverts up on the screen when you simply want to use our site specifically for what you have visited it for. We do of course mention our other sites in order to earn some money for all our hard work but we would never expect to earn any money if we didn’t offer the best products and web sites, so it’s always our goal to keep these high standards up.

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