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What is not included in our data?

The following are excluded from the results for England and Wales shown on this site:

1. Land Sales
2. All commercial transactions
3. Transfer, conveyances, assignments or leases at a premium with nominal rent which are:
  • ‘Right to buy’ sales at a discount
  • subject to a lease
  • subject to an existing mortgage
  • to effect the sale of a share in a property
  • by way of a gift
  • by way of exchange
  • under a Compulsory Purchase order
  • under a court order
  • to Trustees
  • Vesting Deeds
  • Transmissions or Assents
  • of more than one property
  • Leases for 21 years or less

The Scottish Data however includes residential, commercial and Land sales.

What can I do with the information you provide me with?

There are strict guidelines as to how you can and can’t use the data we provide you with. You are allowed to search through data for personal use, and publish data in small amounts for non-commercial use. Selling the Land Registry data on for profit or collecting large amounts of data for publishing is not permitted. If you are unsure about how you intend to use the data, please contact the Land Registry.

Is this information legal?

The information is available to us under a licence provided by the land Registry. We have contacted the data protection commissioner who has confirmed that it’s ok for us to use the data in this way as it is not linked with anyone’s names and is therefore not personal data as defined in the Data Protection Act.

How reliable a source is the information on this site?

The data on this site is provided by the Land Registry – the official government agency who deal with all property transactions and ownership in the England and Wales and the ROS – the official Registry of Scotland – so it should be extremely reliable. However, mistakes can occur, if you think you have found one with the English and Welsh data please contact the Land Registry or contact us with any Scottish errors. disclaim all errors and omissions made by the Land Registry.

How up to date is the information on this site?

The information on this site is hot off the press from the official Land Registry. Our English and Wales house price information is updated monthly and is usually two months behind the property sales as they go through. Currently our data goes all the way back to the 1st January 1995 and includes data from sales up to . Please note, that this won’t be all the sales in March, only the ones that have been filed with the Land Registry so far.

We have Scottish data back to at least 1999 up to approximately 2 months back from the present date. Unlike the England and Wales Land Registry, the Scottish Registry does not provide updates so any changes we are informed of we shall update ourselves. This enables us to respond quickly to any errors found.

The best way to keep up to date with sales in your local area is to use our monthly sales alert feature. With this, you are able to monitor up to 10 postcodes of your choice. Each time we receive updates from the Land Registry and the Registers of Scotland (usually once a month) we will send you an email showing sales added to our database within 500 metres of your home post code and each post code you are monitoring.

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