Advice on tool hire

Why Hire?

If you’re into Do It Yourself (DIY), then you’re more than likely to already own a basic toolkit, or even have a shed in the back garden. Most of us have at least a set of screwdrivers, pliers or wire strippers in a kitchen drawer, along with pair of old scissors and the instructions for the microwave oven.

But what if you happen to need a Rotovator or a Floor Belt Sander? Specialised tools such as these are not usually found in the average home toolbox. On the other hand, the right tool for the right job makes all the difference in DIY. Unfortunately, most of these tools are quite pricey, and you’re only likely to need them once or twice, so buying them is not usually an option. It makes more sense to call a Tool Hire Company.

Expert Advice and Versatility

Not only is it far cheaper to hire specialised tools than to buy them, a good Tool Hire company will provide advice on how to use the machine and can offer valuable suggestions on the best tool for the job (Honestly, how many of us even know what a Rotovator is, let alone how to use it? But, it might just be your best option).

Tool Hire companies offer much more than hires, they can also train you on the use of the equipment and will provide safety precautions and protective gear. Tool Hire Centres are also much more versatile than you would think: For example, you could hire anything from folding chairs to barbecue grills to patio heaters for your next family gathering. Some larger companies will even lend you a Portaloo, should you need one!


Prices vary greatly depending on the type of tool you wish to hire. However, all tools are usually hired out on a daily, weekend or weekly basis, plus an additional refundable deposit. Make sure your Hire Centre lists all these possible schemes, so you can choose which one is more convenient for you. Most of the time, it makes more sense to hire on a weekend rather than a daily basis, but only if you’re sure you can finish the job in this time.

Where to find a Tool Hire Company

The Internet is a great way to compare prices! Here are some major national Tool Hire Companies and their web page addresses:

Tool Sharpening

Doing it Yourself

Tool sharpening for the Do-it-Yourselfer is a very complicated business, an art almost, and unfortunately beyond the scope of this webpage. If you do wish to delve into this, we can recommend some good web pages with many useful tips.

Calling the Pros

You might decide that sharpening your tools at home is more trouble than it’s worth. Many Tool Centres offer a professional tool sharpening service. It’s not just for circular saws and other heavy blades, anything from scissors to garden shears or kitchen knives can benefit from a little help from a qualified sharpener.


A good sharpening job can substantially extend the life of your hand tool for a very low price compared to the cost of buying a new tool: Prices vary with each service provider, but a good guideline would be £7-12 for sharpening and re-cutting a handsaw blade to £2-5 for a kitchen knife or £15 for a pair of hairdresser’s scissors.

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