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5 East Avenue, Wrexham


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Property attributes
Plot area
Year built
Floor area
71 sqm
Habitable rooms

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5 East Avenue, Wrexham is a 3 Bedroom Semi-Detached property located at the LL11 2EG postcode. It is held under Freehold tenureship. It is within tax band B.

This property was built around 1950-1966. It has an internal floor area of 71m2.

Compared to other properties of the same type in the surrounding area, this property is less expensive than the average.
Current value
The current sale valuation for this property is £93,000, and the current rental valuation is £372 pcm.
Current status
Owner is not known to be planning to move.
Listing history
This property has no listing history.
Transaction history
This property has no price history.
This property is of average energy efficiency with an energy rating of C

No photos from previous listings are on file.

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