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  • £10m+ worth of personalised Property Plates sold (get yours)
  • Search our public database A property plate is a two word identifier for a property, i.e. "happy.house"

Discover and Track UK Properties

Quality Data: Meticulously curated and constantly updated since 2004, ensuring you have the most accurate and comprehensive information about any property in the UK.

Home Improvements & Planning Applications: Stay informed about home improvements and planning applications related to a property.

Sales Alerts: Be the first to know when a property is being sold. Whether you’re a potential buyer or a curious neighbour, our timely sales alerts keep you one step ahead.

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Create your own Property Logbook

Whether you own, rent, or manage a property - we let you keep on top of things.

One-Stop Information: Keep track of all important information about your property in one place. From utility providers to maintenance records, everything is just a click away.

Effortless Sharing: Share your logbook effortlessly with tenants, agents, or prospective buyers. It’s not just sharing; it’s about creating transparency and trust.

Stay Updated: An updated logbook means you’re always ready, be it for selling your property or for insurance purposes.
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Claim your personalised Property Plate!

Simplified Identification: Property Plates offer a simplified version of your address, making it easier for others to find your property. No more complicated directions or lengthy addresses.

Boost Resale Value: A unique and memorable Property Plate can enhance the appeal of your home, potentially increasing its resale value.

Personal Touch: Add a personal touch to your property with a customised Property Plate. Whether it’s “top.boy” or “beach.house”, make your property stand out.

Asset Potential: Even without being tied to a property, a unique Property Plate can be held as an asset. Its value can appreciate over time, making it a potential investment opportunity. Claim a plate