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What are logbooks?

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Understanding and managing your property should be easy 🏠

Welcome to a world where managing your property becomes a breeze with our cutting-edge digital logbooks. Picture this – your property's vital documents and information organized in a sleek and accessible digital library. Intrigued? Here's why you'll want a logbook:


Logbooks are your property's digital haven. Imagine having all your essential documents – from insurance policies to mortgage details and property surveys – neatly stored in one secure place. But that's not all! You can effortlessly input key property attributes like bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage, ensuring you never lose track of crucial details.

Share and export 🚀

Say goodbye to the hassle of assembling documents for potential buyers or agents. Our logbooks empower you to generate comprehensive data packs, presenting all essential property information in one convenient location. Selling or renting out your house has never been this smooth!

Value-Boosting Suggestions 💡

But wait, there's more! Our logbooks go the extra mile by offering personalized, value-increasing suggestions. Based on your unique property attributes, you'll receive tailored ideas on how to enhance and maximize your property's value. It's like having a property advisor at your service!

Compare us to other logbooks

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For homeowners
  • Helps you keep track of important information about your property in one place
  • Get reminders when your mortgage fix ends, and when your insurance, broadband or utility contract can be switched to a cheaper deal.
  • Makes it easier to sell your property by providing detailed information to potential buyers
  • Provides a record of your property's history, which can be useful for insurance purposes
  • Can help you stay organized when managing multiple properties
  • Data export to provide to agents and tradesmen
For landlords
  • Makes it easier to manage multiple properties by keeping all the relevant information in one place
  • Get reminders about electrical certificates, gas checks and landlord licenses
  • Provides a clear record of the condition of your properties when tenants move in and out
  • Can help you stay on top of maintenance and repairs
  • Can make it easier to sell your properties by providing detailed information to potential buyers
For tenants
  • Provides a clear record of the condition of the property when you move in, which can be useful in disputes
  • Helps you keep track of important information about your rental property, such as utility providers and maintenance records
  • Can make it easier to move between rental properties by providing a record of your rental history
For businesses
  • Provides a professional and organized way to manage properties for clients
  • Can make it easier to attract new clients by offering a value-added service
  • Can help you manage your workload more efficiently by providing a centralized location for all property information
  • Can make it easier to sell properties by providing detailed information to potential buyers

How can I use OurProperty?

  • Create a Logbook: As a homeowner, landlord, or agent, you can create a Logbook for any property you own or manage.
  • Add Information: Once you've created a Logbook, you can add more detailed information about the property. This might include things like floor plans, utility providers, insurance details, and maintenance records.
  • Share your Logbook: You can share your Logbook with other people via data export with businesses, tenants, agents, or prospective buyers.
  • Keep it up to date:As the owner or manager of a property, it's your responsibility to keep the Logbook up to date. This means adding new information as it becomes available, and removing outdated information.